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On time, On Budget

Nice to have on your birthday but not what you wish for when building a custom home. That’s why Century Craft considers the art of communication seriously. We keep architects and owners equally abreast of progress every step of the way. The first order of business is to establish a timetable and a budget. These are committed to and Century Craft works diligently to remain on time and on budget. They work closely with the architect to ensure the vision is realized, that deadlines are met and that they remain flexible enough to ensure design changes are accomplished when requested.

High Level of Professionalism

Century Craft is committed to using the best tradespeople and suppliers in the industry. This is your prime assurance of a high quality home. Workers are expected to keep the jobsite – your future home – clean at all times; we respect and care for your home throughout the construction stage.

Everyone working on your home is covered by insurance and through the Workplace Safety Insurance Board. Most importantly, when it comes to your home, our people take no risks and cut no corners.

Old-World Charm

A significant signature of a Century Craft home is the ability to provide an old-world appearance to a modern home. While not exclusively a builder of century-looking homes, this has become one of the firm’s strongest selling features. Many of the firm’s clients have wanted that old-world look and turned to Century Craft because of its ability to construct a home among true century-old structures and look right at home.

Smart Home

Whether your home has a traditional or contemporary look, or is designed to look like it was built in the 19th century, there is no doubt it will be outfitted with the latest in smart home technology. A media room or home theatre, state-of-the-art security system, touchpad control for lights and shades if that’s your wish, will mean your home is wired for the future.

Old world charm with technology. Your home can be designed to suit your style and wired to suit your level of convenience.

Your imagination is within reach.

Design’s Lighter Side

Bold. Ethereal. Sublime. Functional. Lighting must exhibit a multitude of personalities. It’s such an important feature in any home. Light sets the tone, establishes the ambience and defines a room’s decor. Naturally, lighting in a Century Craft home receives the same special care and meticulous attention as does everything from construction techniques to choice of materials.

Frame by Frame

A part of the exceptional quality found in a Century Craft home is rooted in the choice of materials. Only the best is selected: from framing lumber, to cabinetry and, indeed, every piece in between. Century Craft takes pride in using only top quality, even those materials hidden behind walls. They may be out of sight, but there is no compromise on quality anywhere in the home.

Carman Apreda did a fantastic job on an extensive renovation to our 125-year-old home. His great project management and strong attention to detail meant that the project was completed on time and the results were spectacular. You would be hard-pressed to tell the difference between old and new.

Bruce and Lisa Campbell

For the Love of Cooking Kitchen

You want the best of both worlds. You love to cook and you love great food. You love timeless design and classic spaces that surround your life. The kitchen is one of the most used rooms in the house. It has become one of the primary rooms for entertaining guests, or for the family to gather as meals are being prepared. Constructing your kitchen is done with tender loving care.

In the kitchen, more than any other room, the designer’s and the customer’s choices must meet. Here, most of all, possibilities are stretched, we customize and let inspiration take us out of the ordinary.

Carman Apreda
President and Owner of Century Craft Custom Home Builders


  • 2007 Heritage Markham award of excellence, construction of a complementary addition, Unionville residence.
  • 2003 Heritage Markham award of excellence, outstanding commercial building improvement, Unionville.
  • 2000 Heritage Markham 25th anniversary award, restoration and complementary addition, Unionville residence.
  • 1999 Markham design excellence, Unionville residence.

The Realization of a Dream

At Century Craft we understand that no two homes are alike. So it’s no surprise that our defining vision is to accurately interpret and follow the architect’s plans and to fulfill the client’s wishes.

There is no greater reward than to have a client who loves and enjoys what Century Craft has created. Testimonials the company has received over the years speak volumes for our attention to people, to quality and details.

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