About Us

My name is Carman Apreda. Many years ago, as a young apprentice, I trained under the very best to learn the craft of fine carpentry. My career grew with success and was guided by the never-ending pursuit of mastery; first with wood and today building exquisite century and custom homes.

When I founded Century Craft Custom Builders two decades ago, my passion was to establish the highest standards in home building. I had learned as a carpenter that compromises were unacceptable. That’s why I only use the most experienced and talented trades people in my homes, the best materials and the most advanced technology available today.

At Century Craft we understand that no two homes are alike. So it’s no surprise that our defining vision is to accurately interpret and follow the architect’s plans and to fulfill the client’s wishes.

There is no greater reward than to have a client who loves and enjoys what Century Craft has created. Testimonials the company has received over the years speak volumes for our attention to people, to quality and details.

I believe the homes we build are unrivaled in design, quality and workmanship. This exacting high standard is my compass. When you choose Century Craft you’re assured of getting the very best home and, just as important, the best value for your money.

For me, the most important step in the construction process is listening to the homeowners and getting a solid understanding of what their needs and desires are. Building a relationship of trust, understanding and flexibility is key because – depending on the size of the project – the time between concept and completion can entail months of working together.

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It was important to find the right builder for an addition to our 1865 heritage-designated home. Carman of Century Craft was the perfect choice. His knowledge and expertise was extraordinary and you can’t tell the addition from the original home. In fact, the home was recognized with the 2008 Aurora Heritage Award.

Mike and Beth Egan